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Super Pathway provides ongoing administration service to funds in the pre retirement 'accumulation' phase and the post retirement 'pension' phase.


Self Managed Super Fund Trustees choose to utilise the services of Super Pathway to provide specialised Administration and Trustee Support services to them and their Fund. This specialised service is active, ongoing and dedicated to assisting Trustees fulfil their responsibilities. At Super Pathway, it's all we do.

Services for accumulation and pension phase can be divided into four broad categories.

  1. Fund Establishment
  2. Fund Administration
  3. Ancillary Services
  4. Trustee Education

Specific services include (but are not limited to) the following:

Establishment Services

Ongoing Services

  • Takeover existing fund administration or creation of new fund
  • Online access to view daily Fund balance
  • Creation of all legal documents, notifications to all relevant government bodies and creation of required identification numbers
  • Annual Member benefit statements, and benefit payment documentation including Pension Actuarial Certificates
  • ATO registration
  • PAYG Income tax and GST Instalment Activity Statements, Fund Income Tax and Regulatory Return preparation and lodgements and full Independent Audit
  • Minutes, membership application forms, member rollovers, member advice notices and nomination of beneficiary forms
  • PAYG Withholding and annual Payment Summaries
  • Opening of fund's bank and share trading accounts


Ancillary Services

Trustee Education Services

  • Keeping of Trustee meeting minutes
  • Trustee Responsibility Education seminars
  • Investment Strategy
  • Economic Update briefings
  • Monitoring of contribution levels
  • Self Managed Super Fund strategy seminars

Some of the above services are provided by third parties, contracted by Super Pathway. It is important to note that Super Pathway does not provide 'Financial Advice' as defined by the Financial Services Act. Clients in need of Financial Advice should consult their Financial Advisor. Alternatively Super Pathway can refer you to specialist Financial Advisers who are able to assist you with your needs.